Ergonomic Wellness Program


Ergonomics is the study of the interaction between people and their working environment which include factors that influence human safety, health, comfort, performance and enjoyment.

Many South-Africans spend all or part of their working day in an office environment which might be the cause of the high incidence of occupational overuse injury which includes headaches, eyestrain, tense muscles (especially neck, shoulders and back) and fatigue.

Did you know…?

• Repetitive strain injuries are the fastest growing occupational hazard.
• Computer Vision Syndrome affects almost 66 million people.
• 91% of all computer users suffer from eyestrain.

Wellness Africa has developed a very effective online ergonomic program that will assist employees to undergo a online selfassessment; receive a online report regarding their ergonomic wellness and guidelines on office wellness adjustments.

To implement this online ergonomic program, Wellness Africa presents a 2 day ergonomic training that will empower health professionals to understand the causes of physical burnout due to ergonomic working environment; create ergonomically well working environments and implement the online ergonomic program within their workplace wellness programs.