2013 Participation List

Click link above to download the 2013 participation list

How to find your Report Number

  1. The list is sorted alphabetically according to surname. Therefore you could either scroll down the
    Surname list to find your name and report number or click on the “Find & Select” excel button and
    search for your name.
  2. Write down your report number to use later when completing your 2017 Health Risk Assessment.
  3. You might be one of the few that find that there are 2 report numbers linked to your name. This
    probably means that you completed 2 surveys that are uniquely different and you will need to choose
    which one you want to select that will be linked to your 2017 survey.
  4. The column with the heading “Type” refers to the type of survey completed, either Hard copy or Online.
  5. You will also find your 2013 report number in the email that was sent to you in 2013 with your Personal
    Report attached. You will find the unique participation number in the heading of your Personal Report.

If you do not find your name in the list, it probably means that you did not participate in this specific 2012/13
survey. However, please contact your Work site Wellness Coordinator or send an email to
healthrisk@wellnessafrica.com to clarify this.