Intrinsic Coach® Development

Intrinsic Coaching increases people’s capacity to think better about choices in ways that continue to develop over time and multiply from person to person.

In Operation since 1998, totally Coached, Inc. focuses on a singular result: Intrinsic Coaching to increase people’s capacity to think better about choices, especially by increasing intrinsic thinking, in ways that last and also multiply from person to person. Wellness Africa is taking hands with totally coached. To bring intrinsic coaching to all Africans.





Intrinsic Coach Development Series I

Imagine an organization where people are healthier and more productive across all dimensions at work and at home because they can elicit their own best thinking and support others to do the same, anytime, anyplace, and in a continuing way, for free…

We’ve been imagining this since 1998 and, today, we can help you make this a reality. There’s no mystery to how to make this happen. We’ve solved it both conceptually, with I>E>S, and practically, by building a intrinsic coaching community within Africa.

With us, you can create a culture where eliciting best thinking, even in the most difficult situations, is the norm, and you can do this in a way that’s accessible, affordable, and dependable, that creates immediate results, long term sustainability, and continues to develop and grow, multiplying from situation to situation and person to person, including beyond your organization’s walls. Contact Us to find out about the simple first steps.

people are healthier

Intrinsic Coach Development Series II

This Intrinsic Coach Development Series is for any person who wants to take their practice of the Intrinsic Coaching methodology to the next level as the supervise, manage, and develop people…

Building on the Intrinsic Coach® Development Manual used for the ICDS I, the goal of this Series is to significantly improve skills. Contact Us to find out about the next steps


Develop People
Groups meet via teleconference for two consecutive hours a week, once a week, for twelve weeks. Your sessions are recorded; if you miss one, you can catch up by listening to the audio file. Group size is limited to 20. Prerequisite: Sart of ICDS II within two years of completion of ICDS I

Changing the Game of Health Coaching:

National expert speaks out on the future of health coaching.

Expert interview with Christina MarshallCheck out this expert interview with Christina Marshall about health coaching today and what the Intrinsic coaching methodology means for wellness programs in the future.

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