The Road to Wellness

  • The Road to Wellness

    The Road to Wellness


Project Description

Engage employees in starting their Road to Wellness

 The Road to Wellness

This Road to Wellness package is an equipping tool for Health & Wellness Professionals to involve employees in successfully adopting a healthy culture within the workplace. This package will empower the employee to understand the value of a wellness work and lifestyle; identify personal wellness goals and design a plan for sustained behavior change.

The Road to Wellness package includes:

  • Multi-dimensional Wellness Assessment & Report
  • Road to Wellness Workbook
  • Presenter’s Manual with Audio Visual aids




After completion of this course, candidates should be able to:

  1. Apply professional presentation skills
  2. Explain the causes of unhealthy work & lifestyles
  3. Explain key benefits and principles of wellness
  4. Enable people to have a better understanding of their meaning and purpose in life
  5. Analyse participants personal state of wellness
  6. Identify participants’ wellness strength and weaknesses
  7. Determine their readiness to change and hot spots for change
  8. Assist participants to develop a 7 step change plan

16 Hours of continues education is planned into 2 day. Training starts at 08:00 and finish at 17:00.


Health & Wellness Professionals who is willing to present, motivate and inspire employees to engage in their own road to wellness.


The Road to Wellness package includes:

1. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL WELLNESS ASSESSMENT & REPORT: This measures wellness behaviour in seven dimensions that all influence our state of wellness. The accompanying report includes an analysis profile of their Multi-Dimensional Wellness, Cultural GAP and Readiness to Change.

2. ROAD TO WELLNESS WORKBOOK: This practical workbook guides the employee to understand the underlying principles of wellness, define their purpose, analyse their wellness strengths & weaknesses, and design a 7-Step Change Plan.

3. PRESENTER’S MANUAL WITH AUDIO VISUAL AIDS: The presenter is equipped with a presenter’s manual that includes a step-by-step script with extensive self-help guidelines. Audio Visual aids include a PowerPoint presentation and video-clips.


The course will be presented by either Dr Japie Lubbe or Mrs Tertia Putter. Both of them are recognised by the national and international wellness community as leaders in the field of worksite Wellness. Their profiles could be viewed here.


The format will predominantly consist of lectures with regular workshop opportunities, personal assignments and group discussions. The course will be presented in English.

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