Certified Training

Wellness Coordinator

Wellness Coordinator is a certified training course that will raise the bar on Workplace Wellness program coordination. This two day training blends international best practices into an African based environment. Key skills that Health & Wellness Coordinators will obtain include: conducting wellness culture audits, obtaining & maintaining leadership support and accountability, establishing a cohesive wellness […]

The Road to Wellness

This Road to Wellness package is an equipping tool for Health & Wellness Professionals to involve employees in successfully adopting a healthy culture within the workplace. This package will empower the employee to understand the value of a wellness work and lifestyle; identify personal wellness goals and design a plan for sustained behavior change. The […]

Wellness Professional

Wellness Professional is a two day certified training course directed at the worksite health practitioner who needs to care, support, and empower employees as part of a multidisciplinary team. This certification course will enable these practitioners to incorporate wellness into their service delivery and empower them to function as part of a wellness team that […]

Motivational Interviewing

Motivating people to change behavior that is harmful to their health can be difficult and tiresome. Changing the style of consultation could improve this experience for health and wellness professionals and create sustained behavior change for the client! This style is called Motivational Interviewing: a client-centered, directive counseling style for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change […]

Wellness Peer Mentor

Wellness Peer Mentor is a certified training course for Supervisors, peer educators and employee champions who are willing to play an active role i establishing a employee Wellness culture in the workplace and will empower them to more effectively provide one-to-one support towards each other to ensure lasting lifestyle change. This training empowers coworkers and […]

Wellness Leader

Wellness Leader is a one day certified training course directed at top and middle management who needs to support, model and manage the wellness of those employees entrusted in their care. Some key aspects of wellness leadership covered in this certified training include: creating a shared vision, serving as a role model, aligning organizational support, […]

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