27 – 30 AUGUST 2013

The 1st Annual Corporate Wellness Conference and Training in Kenya is around the corner. On 27 – 30 August 2013 delegates from all over Africa will network together and learn from the experts in the field of Corporate Wellness to create a healthy future for Africa.

Do you want to make a difference in your workplace or organization? If your answer to this question is Yes! Then, attending this conference and training is what you cannot afford to miss. The event brings together thought leaders to share cutting-edge concepts and emerging trends affecting the workplace, as well as real stories from international organizations.

This year’s conference will focus on raising the bar on Workplace Wellness program coordination. This four day conference & training blends international best practices into an African based environment. Key skills that Health & Wellness Coordinators will obtain include: conducting wellness culture audits, obtaining & maintaining leadership support and accountability, establishing a cohesive wellness team, developing a 5-year systematic culture change plan, art and science of behaviour change, integration of services and programs, monitoring and celebrating success.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Health and Wellness at the Work Place”  The biggest challenge facing employers and health plans is not just getting employees to believe in their employers wellness program, but in getting employee’s actively “engaged” in their health and wellness programmes. Our focus will be on best practices and case studies of innovative and successful “engagement” methods and activities that employers are using to get employees actively participating and taking charge of their health.

The 1st Annual Corporate Wellness Conference & Training takes place in Nairobi on August 27 – 30, 2013 at The Red Court Hotel.

Register today to reserve your seat at the conference and take advantage of quantity discounts! Call  Naftali on 0722300662 / 0735 600 662 E-mail – naftaliw@wellnessconferencekenya.com

To register online and for more information Visit Wellness Conference Kenya at www.wellnessconferencekenya.com


You will see a better ROI when you send large groups. It allows your key stakeholders to be aligned and get straight to work upon returning to the office.


Team of 4

All registrations must be received at the same time. 25%  discounts applies on the 4th participant.

Team of 5

All registrations must be received at the same time. 5th person attends for free!