A special bond amongst peers were established at the recent Certified Wellness Peer Educator Training that was held at River Place, Hennopsrivier on 29 – 31 July 2013. Delegates from distinctively unique workplaces came together to share, learn and strengthen one another. Workplace cultures such as the gaming industry ,mining industry, mixed in with Zimbabwean perspectives made for a one of a kind training and development event.  The occasion is best described in the words of the delegates that was received in e-mail messages just after the training. Two of these e-mail messages are presented below.

Good Day All, I would like to thank all of you for the friendship, support and the new relationship that has started between all of us. I will always cherish and remember the three days that I had an opportunity to get to know you personally. It has built me as a person and a professional as well. Gloria and Takudzwa, let’s keep supporting one another in this journey for the benefit of those who have entrusted us with their lives in wellness. Tertia and Japie, a very BIG thank you for a course well designed and delivered for the challenges specific to Africa. You don’t realize how many lives you are touching with the knowledge and skills given to us. Keep up the good work!! Regards,  Geoff (De Beers)

Colleagues, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the 3 days of networking and sharing knowledge and experience. It was an amazing and powerful training that i know will change the scope of wellness in Zimbabwe. The warmth and reception i received from you all in South Africa will remain with me forever. Even though i am still in South Africa, I can hardly wait to share my experiences with my Zimbabwean counterparts. With the outcome of events that side i was sceptical of going home now but after thinking of the small video we watched together from “The gods must be crazy”, I  have decided to leave anytime soon. The intriguing aspect which has drawn me to this decision is how the bushman would adapt to the environment rather than vice versa. Gloria and Geoff lets keep in touch and remember this is the start of a long professional working relationship. Japie and Tertia thank you for the seed of knowledge and understanding the harvest will surely come in due time. Stay Blessed. Regards. T.Hanyani (Zimbabwe)